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CONVID-19 Special Info


Dear Customers:
    We’re proud to launch European Auto Service Gift Card. It’s an initiative with which we want to give something back to our customers, while you support us as your mechanic and body shop.

    It’s in difficult times when we have to get together as a community to be able to overcome the challenges we’re living. So, we decide to launch this Gift Card, that will give the customer the advantage of having 15% off on labor when it’s used towards a service or repair. Customer can also buy them to give to those family or friends that might be in need of their vehicle’s essential or scheduled maintenance. For purchase (customized amount) or more information, please contact us by email, phone or social media. 

    We also want to share our latest service: WE DELIVER. If you want to service your vehicle AND stay in the safety and comfort of your home, we offer you DELIVERY of your vehicle, that is us: 

✅ picking  up your car where you are
✅ being in constant communication for diagnose, estimates, quotes, timeframes, repair plan
✅ remote payment options 
✅ car delivery after interior and hard surfaces have being properly disinfected by steamer and antibacterial products ( your car key, door handles, car interior like wheel, shifter, radio, ac or any other control)

    All this strategies are put in placed in our shop, since we are a family owned and operated small business. Our mechanics and technicians are our extended family, as well as our valued customers and suppliers. That is why for weeks now, we’ve been improving our procedures to keep our shop and every vehicle that comes in and out as clean and safe as possible, while we follow the guidelines from CDC and local government.  

    We would like to keep everyone informed of how we are keeping our installations as clean and safe as possible.

✅ European Auto Service Daily Cleaning Procedures: 
🔹Use of face covers in common areas and practicing physical distancing (6" apart) following CDC and Local guidelines

🔹We sweep the floors-3 times daily
🔹We mop 2 times per day with a strong, but safe, disinfectant.
🔹We have bumped up our bathroom and lobby deep cleaning from 2 to 4 times per day
🔹Our technicians always use gloves when working on your car. We implemented a new procedure that after they finish with your vehicle, your car key, door handles, car interior (wheel, shifter, radio, ac or any other control) are disinfected with a strong but safe product.  
🔹Everyone in European Auto Service are washing hands constantly for minimum of 20 seconds

✅ European Auto Service customer’s options:
🔹 When you come to our office, be sure that our priority is your safety. We never have our office with more than one customer at a time, since we try to coordinate with appointments, time frame, drop off and pick up schedules
🔹 If you need service your car, we offer you pick up and drop off options
🔹 If you want to service your vehicle but want to stay in the safety and confort of your home or workplace, we offer you WE DELIVER

    If you have any questions, please let us know. As a small family business, our capacity to adapt to our customers’s needs is vast and fast. 

European Auto Service

Our Services

​Complete Computer Diagnostics / Complete Safety Analysis / Drivability Problems / Tune - ups / Oil Change / Tires / Brake repair specialist / Mufflers and exhaust systems / Steering and Suspensions / Alignments / Air Conditioning Repair / Air Conditioning Manteinance / Complete Air Conditioning Diagnosis / Compressor, Condeser or Evaporator Repair Service / Leak Test / Refrigerant Refill / Inspection of hoses, lines, seals / Check for refrigerant cross Contamination / Convertible Top / Headliner replacement, installation or repair / Restoration of Top / Repair or replacement of: Brake Pads Ceramic & Metallic / Brake Fluid / ABS brake systems / Rotors & Drums / Rotor Cut / Brake Fluid / Hose Replacement / Emergency Brakes / Master Cylinders / Lining Replacement / Hydraulic Systems / Transmission / Suspension / Repair or replacement of: Clutches / Drive ShaftsCV Joint / Axleshafts / Universal joints / Transmission Service / Shocks / StrutsPower Steering Pumps & Hoses / Ball JointsSteering Racks / Control Arms /  Electric System / ODB II computer diagnostics / Electrical Shorts  / Relays / Alternators / Starters / BatteriesInterior & Exterior Lights / Electrical Windows and Regulators / Repair or Replacement of Tires / Tire Plug & Patch Repair /Tire Rotation & Balancing / Alignment / Bulb Replacement / Exhaust (Mufflers & Catalytic Converters) / Fluid Flushes / Differential ServiceFuel System Service / Full Service Department / Upholstery / Body Work / Spray Booth / Frame Machine / Restoration / Spare Parts / Classic Cars / Vintage Cars / Antique / Car repair / Repair Shop / Collision

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